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Structured Credit

Our structured credit business focuses on a whole loan trading strategy of all major consumer and commercial loan assets. Our structured credit business is a nationwide leader in whole loan trading, driven by our non-agency residential mortgage whole loan trading group, where our volume has multiplied every year since the strategy’s inception. 

Residential Mortgage


Consumer Credit

Auto | RV/Marine | Unsecured | Student Loans

Esoteric Credit

Equipment Financing | Aircraft | Taxi Medallions | Specialty Financing | Solar

Commercial Real Estate

Multifamily | Office | Mixed Use | Industrial

Credit Union Loans

Mortgage | Auto | MBL | CRE

Special Situations

RedBrook’s Special Situations business is the legacy business at the firm, dating back to the firm’s beginnings during the Global Financial Crisis. Seeing opportunity in acquiring a variety of different assets at an opportunistic basis on behalf of a stable of sophisticated investors, while enabling our counterparties to access liquidity or navigate regulatory challenges are the core fundamentals of the business line.

  • Secondary Purchase of Limited or General Partnership Assets
  • Liquidations of Assets or Interest from Existing Fund Vehicles
  • Bankruptcy Claims
  • Trade Claims
  • Corporate Restructuring and Recapitalization
  • Troubled Debt Restructures
  • Sub/Non-Performing Commercial or Consumer Debt
  • Institutional SFR Rentals

Capital Markets

The second legacy business at RedBrook is our Capital Markets business. The sister business to Special Situations, the Capital Markets strategy utilizes the firm’s relationships to provide financing in a wide array of scenarios. We have been involved in financing simple to complex assets, ranging from multifamily properties to loan assets for high yield lenders. Our firm works with best in class sponsors and navigates them through the financing process in a variety of situations.

Real Estate

Retail | Land | Multifamily | Office | Hospitality | Industrial


Senior Secured | Revolving | Term


Warehouse Lending | Repo Lines | Term Financing | Revolving Facilities